Our enduro tours

Included services:

  • 4 nights accommodation in double twin room with balcony in our Hotel Carmen **** Sibiu, a hotel specially built and designed for enduro riders and enduro activity;
  • Rich cold and warm buffet breakfast;
  • 3 full riding days, approx. 8 hours and 100-120 km daily on special enduro tracks;
  • 3 days bike rental Husqvarna 4 stroke and 2 stroke, 2020 - 2018 models for those who rent the bikes from us;
  • Fuel for rented bikes;
  • Bike insurance for damages up to 300 Euro value, for those who rent the bikes from us;
  • Professional enduro tour-guide with 15 years experience in Romanian enduro guided tours;
  • Technical assistance during the guided enduro tour with our mechanic and the service van;
  • Guarded parking place for cars and trailers;
  • Garage for enduro bikes;
  • Souvenir for every enduro rider
  • Outside hot bubble tub session.

Price: 400 Euro/pax/with your own bike;
Price:  795 Euro/pax/with rented bikes;

The transfer between airport and our hotel is not included in the price of the package. The cost ist supported by the customer and is about 8 Euro/Taxi. The airport is 8 km away from the hotel and is a 10-15 minutes drive.

If our tour doesn't meet all your demands, please send us an email with your desires and we will be happy to make our best offer for a customised tour just for you.

Our booking policy:
In order to make a fix reservation you have to pay a downpayment of 250 Euro/person, the rest of the money will be paid at the reception, when you check in. For the downpayment we will issue an invoice from our company, Transilvania Enduro Tours, on one person of the group for the whole group. For the invoice we will need a complete name, address and passport or identity number. After we receive the money in our account, we will send you a confirmation and the places are booked.

Our refund policy:
The downpayment that a person pays in order to reserve the place in one of our enduro tours is non refundable. If a person won't be able to take part in our tours for any reason (personal, medical or any other kind of reason) and he informs us with at least 1 month before the date of the tour, he will get a voucher on his name in value of the amount of money that he paid as downpayment. The voucher will be issued on his name, can be used only on its behalf and has a period of validity of 2 years from its issue date.
If the person doesn't inform us at all or he informs us less than 1 month before the date of the tour, the downpayment paid will be considered lost without having the possibility to get a voucher.

Dates for 2020!

Optional services:

  • Enduro bike rental for 120 euro/day. You can see our bike fleet here.
  • A place in a single room costs 100 Euro/pax/tour in addition to the package price.
  • Dinner in the hotel restaurant at 12 - 15 euro/pax.
  • Enduro bike wash when you come with your own bike for 3 euro/bike. For rented bikes, the price is included in the price of the package;
  • Airport shuttle from Cluj and Bucharest International Airport - price at request, depending of the number of participants. We use our 8 seat van, Renault Traffic, with air conditioning and sound system.
  • Laundry – 3 Euro/washing machine.
  • Professional massage for 15 euro/30 minutes.


Medical insurance:

  • for all enduro riders, medical insurance for sport activities is mandatory;
  • for other tourists, a standard travel insurance is recommendable.

Enduro gear is mandatory:
- enduro helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, body armour, knee guards, jacket, pants, camel bag.

If you don't have enduro gear or it is too difficult or to expensive to bring it by plane, we can rent a complete enduro gear or just the items that you need. The price for complete enduro gear is 35 euro/day.

Romanian Border:
Romania is part of the European Union, therefore:

  • citizens from European Union contries need only the identity card
  • citizens from other countries need passport

Local currency:
Romania has its own currency LEU, the average rate exchange is:
1 EUR - 4,7 LEI           1 American Dollar - 4,3  LEI
Because the exchange rate may be very low in your countries and at the airport exchange offices, it is advisable to change money at the bank in our town.

Local time:
Romanian time is GMT + 2 (Central European Time).

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