Enduro Gear Room

We all know that enduro riding is a dirty bike sport and although in the morning when you start, your gear looks like new, during a riding day it can get very dirty and wet. So, we thought of it and set up a room where enduro riders can leave their enduro gear till the next day. Who would like to have smelling boots and dirty wet pants in his bedroom? We know that bringing your own enduro riding gear may be expensive or tricky, therefore we are prepared with full enduro riding gear for 20 people from the best brands in the market: Acerbis, Sidi, Gaerne, O’Neal. The price for renting full enduro riding gear is 50 euro/day. 


We value and appreciate enduro bikes a lot, and motor bikes in general, that's why we have built a shelter for them: a garage where 20 enduro bikes can be parked. In case of some damages that can occur during the enduro riding days on our enduro tours, we have also a service garage with some tools that enduro riders can use to fix their enduro bikes. The courtyard is guarded and has place for 8 cars and trails, that people carry their bikes with.

Living room

Cosy sofas, fireplace, a piano and a guitar are here to create a familiar place where enduro riders can have a nice chat with their friends, listen to good music, play some cards or even better watch some hard enduro movies or recently filmed helmet camera enduro movies during the adventurous enduro riding days on our enduro tours in Romania. A small bar filled up with cold beer and other drinks makes everything just perfect. Enjoy it!

Outside Jacuzzi

Isn't it nice to be spoiled from time to time ? After a hard enduro riding day and offroad adventure, what can be more healthy for your body and more relaxing for you mind than a hot bubble tub session outside? There is enough room for you and your friends (5 enduro riders), and the cost of 10 eur/a 25 minute cicle can be split. You listen to good music, admire the city sight and relax after an enduro tour. Don't you think you deserve it?

Grill place

A place where, in the evenings, after a challenging enduro guided tour, bike riders can make a barbeque, cook a gulas, listen to good music, or just sit around the fire, drinking beer and talking about women and enduro bikes (what else?:)).


Hard enduro riding days ask for appropriate procedures to relax, to release the tension in the muscles and to prepare the body for the next enduro tour challenge. A divine massage done by a professional massagist is one of them. While many enduro riders went through his hands, he became an artist in invigorating them. The price for a 30 minute-massage is 15 Euro/pax. Experience it and you will feel the difference !


Is raining heavilly outside and you can't go for an enduro guided tour? We have a backup plan for enduro riders to spent some nice time on rainy days: a hobby room with a tenis table, darts and fitness machines, where you can spent time relaxing, enjoying a good tennis game with your friends.